mike3.jpg (1329580 bytes) Michael Whitford raises the first place trophy after competing in a  strong man contest in Cornwall Ontario.
Is it possible to be competitive in the world of power lifting, without the use of performance enhancing drugs?  According to the man with the trophy, YES!

Several years ago "Quake" disappeared from the power lifting scene.  He injured his hamstring while training.  He was well on his way to recovery when his car was demolished by a transport.  He has returned this year. Although the injury to his leg still hampers him, he still set the bench press record for his weight class.  


Mike came in the Canadian Power Lifting scene as a junior.  His impact was felt immediately.  He was nicknamed "Quake" after he let his dead lift bar drop to the ground after a lift, shaking the podium.  The name stuck.


Mike refuses to wear blast shirts and when he set the Bench press record he did it without the use of one.

You can have mike as a personal trainer!  He works out of  Pure Fitness in Brockville.  Check out the sites gallery to see some of his clients, there physical condition is a testament to his training techniques.

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